You can register as an Exhibitor by clicking the image above or the button below.

You can register as an Exhibitor by clicking the image above or the button below.



With 1000+ attendees you can make face-to-face contact with Architects, Specification Writers, Developers, Contractors and other Design Professionals generating leads and project opportunities, meeting new potential customers and launching new products, guides, and marketing strategies. Not to mention as THE event in the industry, you will also be able to renew contact with existing and former clients and industry colleagues.


“I have been going to the CSC Building Expo and No Frills Show since I started with my company 22 years ago and it is one of the best events that I attend over the year.  Having a condensed show, with the key decision makers in attendance, provides great value to an exhibitor and we have benefited over the years from this.  There is no time wasted and provides a fantastic avenue to create a new relationship, or allows individuals to “catch up” on new products and systems.  There is no time wasted which is extremely important for all in attendance, whether it is an exhibitor, Specifier, or student. 

 Also, I must say the horseradish during the luncheon isn’t too bad either.”

Russell Snow
 W. R. Meadows, Inc. 

“The CSC Building Expo is one of the best trade shows we exhibit in.  The show attracts key Specification Writers,  Architects and Engineers and is a great opportunity to discuss new technology or product updates with them all in one afternoon.  This show is an excellent value.  We especially like the Pinnacle Booth space.  It allows us to create a dedicated area to for attendees to discuss project issues or concerns.”

 Marla Cosburn, CTR
DRE Industries